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IMPORTANT  NOTICE: There may be a disruption in service as Everyone.net has acquired this domain from the previous admin. We will be changing the hosting service of this domain, so service may be interrupted as the domain transfer occurs with hosting.
IMPORTANT  NOTICE (from previous luxmail admin)
6 months may be left of your Free Email Account
* Please save your Important emails and contacts, free email accounts may have to be discontinued
For the last few years we have been facing increasing difficulties in meeting the requirements of the users of Luxmail.com and so we are no longer in a position to continue the free email service without handing it over to Everyone.net (The actual email service provider for Luxmail) because the email system is 100% in control of Everyone.net and we face many difficulties when the users come up with some of their problems and often times we are unable to give a solution which is acceptable to our users. Because of this reason we are now compelled to handover our domain Luxmail.com to Everyone.net who has all the control to solve your problems and for this Everyone.net requires that if you want to continue using Luxmail as your email service you must change over to the paid email account i.e. Mail Plus.

*Thus All Free Email Accounts may have to be discontinued with effect from March 31, 2013.  Please save your Important emails and contacts from your free email account. Luxmail.com or Everyone.net will not be responsible for any damages that may occur. Incase free email account is necessary for you, you may consider other free email services like Gmail, or Hotmail. We are giving you 6 months to transfer your emails and contacts and solve any other problems resulting from this change. Actually we want that you do not suffer in any way because of this change.


If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact techsupport@everyone.net

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